Friday, September 21, 2007

- 9:59 PM
Right. been eons. eons of eons. eons of eons of eons. blahblah.

prelims just over. everybody prob partying their ass off.

anyway, one last lap before we finish this marathon. just wanna wish everyone all the best. we will ALL MAKE IT!! wad tuh do, class of smartasses~. haha.

anyway, been a great journey with you guys and gals. seriously, i LOVE everyone (now keep your hands off mee~). came in as strangers (ok maybe only HALF the class were strangers to one another since half came from Hai Sing. LOL). dont know about you guys, but here are some memories from 06S307 i certainly wont forget..
1)mdn tan's suans. "aiyo. pro liao mah you all"
2)a love/hate affair with kelvin tan. (potato)
3)our faces when we fail our lecture tests repeatedly
4)PW... (-.-||)
5)mrtan's antics in catching our attention..
6)missyeo's i-can-seriously-tell-you-all-harh
7)missng's put away your things now-now-now-now-now (reminds me of umbrella. ella. ella)
8)misssoh's i din say that ah. you all say one ah. (qns to lect tests)
9)misssue's blinks >_< when we say something economically wrong..
10)mugging for promos.(wished it was promos rather den A's..)
11) failing econs again. -.-
12)and again.
13)onnkit's dead tadpole. X_X
14)the mondays which e class went for badminton in the hall.
15)birthday celebrations(esp e one rosalind hate spicy cake. =DD)

17)all e little jokes we crack about each other. mean, but all in spirit of harmless fun..
18)i really duno wad else to add.. too many to remember. haha.. tag on e tagboard alright! if u have memories to share...

yes yes jacqueline, i shamelessly ripped this format off your blog. haha..

love you guys. now stop reading and thinking of me and go back and MUG! =)))
Friday, November 10, 2006

- 1:10 PM
hello hello. just a short announcement here.
those of you who have not gotten your maclaurin's series notes
please please please please please
let me know and i'll figure out a way to pass it to you.
its part of the holiday homework so ya.
(please come and get your notes from me. i have a lot of extra copies = S)

well that's all from me. enjoy your hols!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

- 12:17 AM
alright. long time no blog so good ole liju here shall fill up this blank space. saw a comment somewhere abt 06S307 nt having class spirit.

ok. speechless. i dont think its non existent, its just that maybe it doesnt manifest itself. like other classes. no one can deny the fact that we DO have our special sparks. eg, class photo time was ok. teacher day was nice. even during PE. all e girls just play together. guys also *fuck F & C* play soccer tennis bball. blahhs. all also get along well.

we all enjoy ourselves in lesson time too. like during chinese *BEEPS* hen cute leh!. or that time the *BEEPS* die in snow mountain. ok other lessons cannot comment much la. we quite erm. attentive. birthdays too! had a cake for yanyan that time! turn out quite fun. we all have the fun streaks.

i mean, if EVERYONE takes the comments thrown in class with a pinch of salt, they are actually fine!. come on ppl, in this day and age, i really do not think comments exchanged in class should be taken very seriously. having said that, i think those comments should also be reasonable la! *like nt at ur mother father that kind* i aint no angel. dun gimme that stare. lol

perhaps all we realy need is a day out. really, one with everyone participating in it. i really believe that we really have class spirit, we just nd some actvity to ignite it. among our ECLECTIC selves we are very closely knitted. and some individuals within each grp interact well with other grps too!! sidetrack a bit now, my first 3 months class also like that. everyone just pon lesson den nvr talk. held on to sec sch fren. den in e end LAST DAY of pae went out for bbq. just had fun and went wild. ended up wishing e bbq happened earlier and not on last day of PAE. i do believe those sparks can burn la *ewe. cliche*. so, with no puns intended, lets go ice skating on saturday!

lets all have an open mind and throw away the negative thoughts for a day. after all its year end. lets all surprise ourselves wit some class spirit! i am sure we can afford this luxury now after promos, cant we?

lets go jurong ice skating! den after that stop at sing general hospital donate blood! *?!?!*. den stop at suntec and eat marche! or we can takeaway pizza and go somewhere like esplanade that area and eat! or go ikea and rot there! *chicken wings and meat balls are nice*. something simpler, we can go sentosa play soccer throw frisbee splash water bury *BEEP* in sand mountain. come on! lets give this a shot at least. am sure it would be fun. =)
Sunday, September 24, 2006

- 11:15 AM

to the rest of the class: all the best for the coming promos!
Monday, September 04, 2006

- 11:15 PM
MORE pictures! hadnt had time to load these up. now hols. yeaps.

ok. graffiti. on wall. at far east!


erm. lol.

*beeps* gonads produce progesterone!
in our dear class.

osama bin see and omama bin lee
Friday, September 01, 2006

- 4:01 PM
hey guys! here are the photos from the teachers' day celebration! enjoy.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

- 10:45 PM
alright ppl. due to some unhappiness. the latest vid made shall nt be published here. HOWEVER, its up somewhere and if u can find e link, ur good. but its not published here. but if u find it, dun disseminate it

in the name of 06S307.




we love 06S307!


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